Pre-Registered In-Yoga Classes

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Our way to practice is
one step at a time,
one breath at a time.

Shunryu Suzuki

In-Yoga classes are insightful, challenging and rewarding, and the nature of pre-registered classes encourages consistency, dedication and progression of practice to help ensure you enjoy the many benefits of yoga.

Two main schools of yoga inspire the classes at In‑Yoga:


Explores the nature of “in”, calming and restorative.



Explores the nature of "yo", vigorous and energizing.


Classes blend the two styles to offer balance, but may emphasize one over the other, responding to the needs and preferences of the class's practitioners.

Smaller class sizes for greater individualized attention and support.

Easily see the instructor, hear the directives, and have the space to move.

Receive adjustments, suggestions, modifications, and tips when you need them, but have space you need to explore your practice freely.

Accessible to everyone: great for beginners or those with movement restrictions, yet still have a lot to offer to more advanced students.

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