Private Yoga Lessons

& Partner Yoga

Yoga is a light,
which once lit,
will never dim.

B.K.S. Iyengar

Private yoga lessons (one-on-one) or partner yoga (2 participants) both allow for the greatest amount of personal attention, and can be taken to supplement other classes, or on their own. Each yoga lesson is structured specifically to the individual needs and goals of the participant(s). Please contact In-Yoga or a specific instructor directly for more information.


Each lesson is 60 minutes in length.

Schedules are ongoing, and set based on participant and instructor availability.


Private: $90/lesson

Partner: $50 each/lesson




  • Commit to 2x/week & 8 lessons   –   $85/lesson
  • Commit to 3x/week & 12 lessons   –   $80/lesson


  • Commit to 2x/week or more   –   $45 each/lesson

Please contact us anytime if you’re interested in learning more about
partner or private yoga lessons, or would like a complimentary
consultation, and free first lesson!